Largest cloud storage

Space 97%

MEGA starts at 400 GB and ends at a whopping 10,000 TB. The business solution starts at 3 TB and fully supports sharing between users. Free MEGA offers: 20 GB.

Space 96%

IDrive is no modest storage, the very first personal package offers a whopping 5 TB with the ability to expand up to 50 TB for 50 users in a business solution. Free IDrive: 5 GB.

Space 95%

G Cloud is not afraid to give. The cheapest package will give you will provide 100 GB but the second package already provides 1 TB. The service boasts unlimited repository for only 5,99 €. Free provides 1 - 10 GB.

The best photo cloud

Photo 94%

Google Photos is one of the most popular services. Quickly share, optimize, edit and tag family members. Plus 15 GB of free space.

Photo 92%

Large space, photo editing, album creation, easy sharing, syncing and tagging of places and objects. OneDrive offers you all this, whether on your PC or mobile.

Photo 91%

MEGA storage has a high-quality photo app. Automatically save photos from your mobile directly to the cloud. This service is known for its high speed and security.

Price / quality ratio

Price / Quality 96%

OneDrive provides up to 1TB of space and full MS Office for €7 a month, and for families there's 6TB for 6 people for €10 a month. All this in perfect Microsoft design with by superior functions.

Price / Quality 94%

The MEGA online repository offers a high-quality and clear interface on both mobile and PC. Excellent sharing services and high security. The first package starts from 4,99 € / month and offers 400 GB.

Price / Quality 94%

Google One offers from 1.99 € per month 100 GB of space and improved services of online tools and Google Photos. Quality editor services and fast storage make it a bargain

News and advice

Amazon Drive ends

One of the more services Amazon has offered to its customers is Amazon Drive cloud storage. This storage has been offered since 2011 with a basic 5GB for free, with the option to purchase up to one terabyte for $1,000 per year. Now Amazon is announcing to its customers that with

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Alternatives to Google Workspace

In a previous article, we reported that Google is discontinuing its free G Suite packages and business users of those packages must switch to one of the paid Workspace packages starting July 1, 2022. Today, we'll take a look at what alternatives exist. We can find dozens of these on the market,

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Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience with the Cloud

The cloud became popular in the mid-2000s and has been welcomed by many companies because it has reduced traditional computer-related problems such as the need to purchase expensive hardware or software resources. Nearly two decades later, its popularity continues to soar. According to Gartner, 85 % companies to

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We choose 3 alternatives for Google Photos

The popular Google Photos service recently announced that it will no longer provide free storage for photos and videos to users if they exceed the 15 Gb threshold. Accounts also share this capacity with mail (gmail) and personal storage (gdrive). So it is likely that over time the service will start to require you to

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9 interesting facts about the cloud

Wondering who's number one in the cloud computing arena right now? While free platforms like Dropbox and iCloud continue to stand out as the most popular free file storage services, Amazon Web Services is the clear market leader, according to statisticians. So here again we have some interesting statistics

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Google and Oracle data centres hit by hot summer problems

Oracle and Google data centres have been hit by a series of problems caused by cooling failures. As temperatures in the UK reached a record 40 degrees Celsius this week, data centres belonging to Oracle and Google Cloud have reported cooling-related failures, causing problems for customers trying to get

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Cloud-based physical security

Cloud-based physical security technologies have become increasingly popular in recent years as many businesses have begun to favour cloud-based platforms over on-premises systems. According to cloud security company Thales, 90 % companies worldwide use the cloud in some form. Cloud technologies are permeating the security industry thanks to their

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Play games on the cloud for free

Cloud solutions make our lives easier in many ways. This time we will talk a bit about how they can make it more interesting for us. We are not going to talk about backing up photos, data or applications that make our work easier. We're going to talk about fun - about gaming. In the past, playing high-end games required a powerful computer or gaming

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How to save your photos from an old computer

You'll recognize it. You take several photos a day. When you're on a trip, a few are a few dozen, and a vacation sometimes means a few hundred photos, most of which you'll never look at again. Do you do it like me too? I always tell myself that I'll sort through them afterwards, though

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Home Office and why you can't do it without the cloud

Home Office. It used to be just a wishful dream of many employees, rather a privilege of managers and IT people. Today it is a reality for many employees. The global pandemic has forced many companies to adapt by providing their employees with the ability to work from home. Although even in the past, telecommuting

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