Review: IDrive

Last update: 15.02.2022

Speed 93%
Features 85%
Storage 96%
Photos 83%
Price 94%

Free Storage: 5 GB

Our Rating: 9 / 10

IDrive is great and strange at the same time. It is not for everyone, because IDrive is specific. That’s about how you could sum up this quality cloud from Calabasas, California, USA in two sentences. You need to know exactly what you want, and if you’re looking for storage primarily as a tool to back up your drive or phone, look no further. This cloud specializes in that.


  •  Price/space ratio
  • Speed
  • Mobile app
  • Huge space
  • Excellent cloud for disk backup
  • Phone backup features
  • Unlimited devices per account
  • Security
  • Also suitable as a business solution
  • Newly available smaller 1 TB plan


  • Annual payments only
  • Photos have basic features
  • Does not support file editing
  • Interface may not suit everyone

IDrive has benefits – and lots of them. It’s a storage that meets high standards of security and upload and download speeds are reported to be among the best ever. But this cloud is mainly a tool for backing up your data. If you want to have a cloud that syncs the contents of your PC’s hard drive or your external drive, there is probably no better tool today. It’s also a unit in backing up mobile content like your contacts, photos, messages, settings and the like. Everything runs automatically in the background and you don’t have to worry about a thing. The perfect sync tool. The huge 50 TB capacity that is available with the most expensive package today is truly mesmerizing.a.

Among the disadvantages – we can certainly include the environment, which may not suit everyone. Some would say it is outdated and others that it is cluttered. But it’s probably just a matter of habit, we in the editorial office got used to the clarity with which MEGA cloud enchanted us and probably it’s already getting used to something else. The big shame is that IDrive doesn’t also offer smaller packages and starts right at 5 TB, which is the capacity where other storage mostly stops. The mobile app does offer a photo option but the features are limited, but for some people they are enough.

IDrive storage pricing and capacities

The price is a separate chapter of this service. From 2022, IDrive also offers a smaller package with 1 TB of space for about $15  per month. Until now, it has only offered 5 TB and more. However, if you need really big storage then IDrive is the number one choice. You get 5 TB for about $60  / year, which is the price of 5 TB / $5 / month. So hand on heart which other storage will offer you this. However, you only pay on an annual basis. The other solution 10 TB you get for about $75 per year. IDrive is also excellent for business solutions, this storage offers you space for example for 50 people where you share up to 50 TB for a price of about $900 per year.

IDrive on mobile devices

IDrive on the desktop

Review summary

IDrive likes to give storage, and the capacities here are incredibly generous, but you have to pay annual fees at bargain prices. It gives you 5 GB for free, which is not a lot, but not a little either. You can try it out, and anyone who prefers storage more than an automatic data backup tool, whether from mobile or PC, has nothing to hesitate over. The average app also provides the option of presenting and sharing photos.