Review: OneDrive

Last update: 15.02.2022

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Speed 88%
Features 97%
Storage 93%
Photos 92%
Price 96%

Free Storage: 5 GB

Our Rating: 9 / 10

Behind OneDrive storage is none other than the world-famous giant Microsoft. This storage is one of the largest in the world and it owes this primarily to its rich range of features, and accessibility, but also thanks to tricks such as integration into the most widely used Windows system. If you are one of the Windows user and are looking for a solution for yourself or your family, OneDrive might be the right decision.


  • Price/quality ratio
  • Family package for up to 6 people
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Mobile app 
  • High quality PC environment
  • Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Excellent solution for business
  • Document editing
  • Photo editing
  • Albums and photo sorting
  • Sharing and synchronisation
  • Safe and security
  • File version history


  • Occasional synchronisation problems
  • Minor glitches when sharing content
  • Photos do not support facial recognition
  • Photos browsing can be slower sometimes
  • Support did not respond to comments

Benefits of OneDrive storage

The benefits are undeniable thanks to Office. If you decide to pay $6.99 per month, you get a complete Office 365 in addition to 1 TB of space, which includes all the important tools for editing documents and presentations. As a benefit, it can also be mentioned that you not only get this office suite for online editing, but you can also download it to your computer. If you add another $3, then for $9.99 per month you get a really convenient Microsoft 365 Family package where these benefits are multiplied for up to 6 members of your family, who you allow access to is of course up to you, all 6 members get the office suite and 1 TB of storage for photos and documents.

OneDrive relies on seamless integration with Windows, but you can also use it conveniently on Android mobile. All your data will be shared and synced between devices. OneDrive also provides space for photo collectors, in addition to classic browsing Microsoft has recently built-in photo editing. High security and the Vault feature ensure perfect privacy of your data. We should also mention that OneDrive is also an ideal solution for smaller businesses, and every owner will appreciate the ability to roll back older versions of documents (for example, if you accidentally delete something).

Disadvantages of OneDrive storage

These are hard to find, but we certainly weren’t happy about the occasional problems with syncing photos and especially the slow loading of photos in the mobile app, which was only solved by reinstalling the entire mobile app. Speed can occasionally be an issue, but it doesn’t apply to everyone equally, we didn’t notice any shortcomings with the other account. We were disappointed by the zero support response, a month has passed and we still haven’t received a response. We’re also eagerly awaiting facial recognition for photos, but that’s perhaps already a very tall claim.

OneDrive pricing and storage capacity - For Home

OneDrive pricing and storage capacity - For Business

The price of OneDrive is certainly among the most affordable, especially if you choose the Microsoft 365 Family package and share 6 TB of space with 6 different accounts, all for as little as $9.99 per month. You can reduce this price even further if you pay a one-off $99/year. If you don’t know how to use the Office suite, you may also be interested in the “One Drive Standalone” package where for $1.99/month you get 100 Gb of space for your documents and photos. The popular Personal package for 1 person costs $6.99/month and offers a generous I TB space and again the complete Office.

Microsoft OneDrive is also a great solution for enterprises and small businesses. You can conveniently share files and folders with colleagues and even have the ability to edit documents online and undo previous versions if needed, this is especially handy if someone accidentally deletes something or you want to look at previous dates in documents. As a step up from Onedrive Business Microsoft also offers Sharepoint which is already a corporate solution for large companies.

OneDrive on mobile devices

OneDrive on the PC

Review summary

It’s not hard to rate OneDrive, because there are very few things that bother us, and this cloud is a close second to a perfect score: 10 points. Various interesting features are to be added in the future that will make it even more attractive, whether for business or personal use. The large space and number of features, the possibility to try it for free and the perfect implementation in Windows make it one of the best storage solutions in the world. Fingers crossed for Microsoft with OneDrive, this tool looks very good.