Review: Sync

Last update: 06.11.2022

Speed 89%
Features 82%
Storage 92%
Photos 68%
Price 88%

Free Storage: 5 GB

Our Review: 8 / 10

The repository is a stalwart and one of the best-known in the world. The cloud from the United States has certainly come to the fore thanks to the abundant space that the first package gives you: 2TB for $8 per month. Sync is also very popular for business solutions as it provides quality sharing and also, in the paid version, the possibility to use Office tools such as Word and Excel. For this, however, you need to have purchased the official package from Microsoft and linked it to the storage.


  • Price/space ratio
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Speed
  • Mobile app
  • Backup and sync 
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Suitable for families or teams
  • Suitable as a business solution
  • Security


  • The environment could be nicer
  • Photos have only basic features
  • Few options for customization
  • Modest mobile app

The benefits of Sync are primarily in the high-quality synchronization between your PC, Android or IOS. This cloud was built on the idea of fast and efficient file exchange. Sync provides a solution for both families and businesses. With shared folders and links, you can send your files exactly where you need them to go. If you have a good password you don’t have to worry about security. Sync boasts high security through encrypted file transfer and in the case of paid packages you can also use your purchased Office suite of tools. You’ll also enjoy the mobile app and unlimited file transfer. The price and storage space are almost unrivalled. also has drawbacks. We were disappointed by the browser environment, which is very modest indeed. Some would say minimalism, others again the absence of tools. The biggest drawback is the photos. It is a great pity that Sync neglects this part of the repository. The basic tools are missing here as well as the actual browsing in your browser is somewhere on the level of 2005. The mobile app itself again follows the idea of minimalism and so it seems to us that Sync doesn’t want to move with the times.

Sync storage pricing and capacities

Sync price 2023

Price is Sync’s strong suit. For $8 a month you get 2 TB of space and unlimited file transfer.  For $20, you get up to 6 TB. Sync also offers a solution “for teams”. In the case of teams, the account is limited to a minimum of 2 users and a maximum of 100, or up to 1,000 users in the case of the most expensive Advanced package where you pay $15 per user. Team packages are of course an offshoot of business solutions, but it must be said that team packages are also suitable for families. The cheapest team package has 1 TB per user and you pay $5 per user, it’s up to you how many users you pay for, but the minimum is two accounts. Sync is a great sync tool and the pricing is definitely among the best on the market.

Sync on mobile

Sync on PC

Review summary

Sync is one of the best clouds in many aspects. According to official figures, Sync now has over 1.7 million users and over 4 million files are shared daily. This speaks volumes about the quality Sync offers. If you’re looking for storage primarily for synchronization and ample space, you’ve come to the right place. However, if you’re also using the storage for photos, we’d advise you to look at competitors such as Mega or pCloud. The truth remains that Sync offers cheap, extensive and secure storage.