The 7 best free online clouds for 2023 ☝

Today’s smartphones tempt us to take several photos and movies a day. Many people document their lives at each and every turn, telling themselves that these are memories for the future, for posterity. The problem arises when the phone’s reminiscence is full. That’s where cloud storage comes in. Some of them can be used completely free of cost if you follow certain rules. Here’s an overview of seven of the world’s most famous free storage sites.

Find the best storage for your photos and videos

The photos and movies that are created with your phone are like data. You first store the records in your phone’s or PC’s memory, and once you’ve reached the most capacity of that memory, you look for a choice of places to store the data. This is the place cloud storage comes in. These are places where you can add various files and get admission to them anytime, anywhere. You can always have all the photos or movies you need on hand without your phone’s reminiscence being overcrowded. The following cloud storage sites offer a range of large file storage space definitely free of charge. After paying a fee, the storage space can be expanded.


1. Mega

Free capacity: 20 GB

The MEGA storage facility beneath the New Zealand company is one of the stalwarts of the world’s top storage facilities. It is multi-platform storage, which ability it will help you store records on mobile as well as on PC. The huge advantage of MEGA storage is the high speed, excessive-quality intuitive environment and famous features such as photo looking as we know it from Google Photos or OneDrive. In case the initial 20Gb bundle is not enough, MEGA starts from 5 euros per month and affords up to 400 Gb of space for your files, documents, snapshots or videos.


2. MediaFire

Free capacity: 10 GB

MediaFire works on a comparable principle to the aforementioned Drive. Without any fees, you get 10 GB of space to add files as you need them. Moreover, you can get entry to your files seamlessly from different units and share them via social networks or email accounts. However, pay attention that every time you download a file, an advert will pop up, which can be very annoying. You can get up to 1TB extra to your free space for a month-to-month fee of $3.75.


3. pCloud

Free capacity: 10 GB

The pCloud cloud storage offers 10GB of free space, similar to MediaFire. It uses marketing to argue its quality, claiming that pCloud’s services are used by, for example, employees of Nike or Twitter. In addition to 10 GB of space, an extra 500 GB can be purchased for existence for $175.


4. Microsoft OneDrive

Free capacity: 5 GB

Of course, tech giant Microsoft also has to offer its personal cloud space, this time under the name OneDrive. The free model gives you the ability to shop files up to a maximum capability of 5GB. As a bonus, OneDrive offers a clear interface and fast file search. In case the free area isn’t enough for you, buy an additional 100 GB for $1.99 per month. Family programs are also convenient places for 99 Euros per year you get up to 6 TB of area for 6 family members, and friends. Of course, in this, you also have the best and most well-known office suite MS Office.


5. Sync.Com

Free capacity: 5 GB

Sync.Com cloud storage has 5GB of file storage size available to you completely free of charge. Files can be accessed from a range of devices, and the storage comes with a number of security features. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, your facts should be as safe as possible. You can add a generous 2 TB of space for $8 per month.

sync cloud homepage


6. Google Drive

Free capacity: 15 GB

The well-known Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage and is not only inexpensive but also hassle-free. To give you an idea, this size can accommodate about 9,000 pictures. The only prerequisite for getting it is creating a Google account. You can access your files from any device after they’ve been uploaded. Use Google Photos instead of Google Drive if you’re not buddies with it for whatever reason. Lack of room for 15 BG? Using Google One, you can obtain 100 GB for a reasonable $1.99 per month.


7. Apple iCloud

Free capacity: 5 GB

Owners of Apple products can store 5GB of files for free in the iCloud service thanks to Apple’s open policy on this matter. The 1GB of storage that is available to everyone else is only accessible online and after signing into an Apple account. For $0.99 a month, you can add 50 GB of storage.


Final thoughts

The best way to keep all of your files without taxing the memory of your electronic devices is with cloud storage sites that offer free, limited services. You can get enough space to store all of your important files for no additional cost if you sign up for more than one of these storage services. The listed prices are among the most affordable on the market in case your needs change over time.