CCCAM – Cheap satellite TV. Guide & Prices

We have many TV packages available from different companies. The prices sometimes go up to several tens of USD per month. However, there is a way that you can unlock all TV stations for only about 3 USD per month. Don’t believe it? It’s easy. Answer is CCcam.


What is CCcam?

With CCcam you can watch satellite channels without owning a card for each channel. Card Sharing Client is a software program used to share cards in satellite receivers. The cards that you would otherwise need are located on the CCcam server that you use in your receiver via your internet connection.

CCCAM setup guide

  1. You need SATELIT for DVB-S
  2. SET TOP BOX with CCCAM protocol
  3. You need an active account on CARDSHARING, where you will find all the login details for your TV

When buying a receiver, we recommend choosing one that can emulate the CCCAM or NewCamd protocol. After purchasing, for example, a Skylink package on CARDSHARING, it is then necessary to tune your set top box according to the manual to the given receiver. Here you need to enter the following into the CCCAM or NewCamd emulation: name, password, server and port provided by your Cardsharing account.

You must not forget the internet connection option, as without a network connection the emulation will not work properly. Don’t worry about the length of the initial setup, which may take longer (even more than 10 minutes). However, once reconnected and you know what to find where, the length will be reduced to 2-3 minutes. Before you purchase the service, we recommend taking a free sharing test to see if your TV supports the service.

What are the advantages of CCcam?

  1. Payments under control

Although we mentioned the monthly payment above, there is absolutely no need to buy a subscription for a month or a year. You put a credit on your account, from which you will be charged each morning for using the service. The great benefit is that if you don’t use the service that day, you can stop payment and you won’t be charged any money.

The price of the full package of TV programs is currently priced through CCCAM at 0.13 $ per day, which is 3.90 $ per month. You can reduce this price by 50% if you get a deposit bonus (see point 4). So you can also get to a price of 1.95 $ per month

  1. Instant activation
  2. Large selection of programs

The service offers thousands of TV programs. It is of course possible to unlock foreign packages and enjoy a larger selection of foreign programmes.

  1. Balance Recharge BonusesThe service offers great bonuses at certain charge levels, where you charge for less and get more.
Your deposit: You will recieve:
15 $ 20 $
20 $ 28 $
25 $ 38 $
30 $ 48 $
35 $ 60 $
40 $ 72 $
45 $ 86 $
50 $ 100 $
  1. Any changes are free of charge

  2. Adequately low prices

The service guarantees the lowest and most up-to-date card sharing prices on the market.

Where to start if you have SET TOP BOX? By activating your account on the CARDSHARING page.

The article is for study purposes, it is not intended to promote the service.


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