Uloz.to as we know it ends – Big changes

Uloz.to certainly needs no introduction. The Czech server has enjoyed great popularity thanks to the possibility of downloading movies, music, games or other files. Uloz.to worked on the principle of uploading any kind of content, which is then publicly shared. Tens of thousands of visitors use it to this day, leaving them with eyes to cry on.

As Uloz.to informs on its website, major changes in the operation will affect the classic repository, but also PINKfile.cz, which is known for pornographic content. The Uloz.to Live service is governed by different legislation and will therefore not be affected by these changes.

  • The changes are forced in response to the upcoming European legislation known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), which aims to ensure the proper functioning of the single market, preserve a safe online environment and protect the fundamental rights of users. Cloud storage services will only be available to registered users from Friday 1 December 2023. They will now only be able to work with files that they have uploaded to the repository themselves. Files will not be able to be shared publicly, not even by addressing them via content.“Uloz.to will thus become a classic data repository like Google Drive or Mega Cloud.

The server also says that customers can switch to the FREE package or cancel their accounts if they decide they no longer want to use the service. If that is the case, they will receive a prorated refund of their subscription fees based on how much they used. It is stated that users won’t need to worry about losing their personal files.

Source: Uloziska.sk



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