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Ulozto is a service that provided generous content downloads until 2023. The days of spending hours searching for sites with unlimited downloads are gone. There are online services that do not limit you in terms of time or data while downloading. Some of them offer services for free, while others allow you to download or watch videos for a small fee. Let’s take a look at the main Uloz.to alternatives.


Uloz.to is changing – what are the alternatives?

Content sharing? Downloading media? Any more experienced internet enthusiast will immediately think of the well-known site Uloz.to, however, Ulož.to has recently announced that it is undergoing a significant change and the availability of online movies, series and documentaries will be severely limited. The turning point for Ulož.to was December 2023. As of this date, Ulož.to no longer allows widespread sharing and searching of content between users. This means you will only see the content you upload to the repository. It is no longer possible to download movies and other documents from the vast database that has grown over the years. We wrote more about this change in the article: End of Uloz.to. You can continue to use Uloz.to as a repository for your own files. But are you wondering which other sites offer content downloads? We examined alternative services.

Best Uloz.to Alternatives for 2024 - List of websites

As the name suggests, this is a site that offers fast downloads and file sharing. The big advantage over Uloz.to is the ability for free accounts to download multiple files at once, without limitations on movie or file choices. Fastshare also has the option to download music or audiobooks for free.

The database of results is really rich and if you are looking for a specific movie, for example, the ranking of the most downloaded movies and information about new releases will serve as a hint. In addition, downloading movies is very convenient, without the need to enter codes or passwords. Fast downloads are much cheaper than on Uloz.to.

Traffic: 1 200 000 / month

Our Rating: 9 / 10

Imagine downloading music from over 1,000 popular sites like YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, or Deezer to your computer or mobile phone in MP3 format. All through one app. YT Saver is just such a tool. The popular software, known worldwide for its extensive library of supported services, is available for free trial or as a paid version. The paid version lets you download unlimited mp3s from playlists, albums or individual songs. Simply copy the URL of the album or playlist into the app and download the entire content to your PC or phone.

You not only get a tool for downloading MP3 music, but also a complete tool for downloading videos, for example from YouTube, in quality up to 8K. YT Saver offers a monthly subscription or a one-time payment and the tool is yours forever. We recommend it too, for about 28 Euros you get an unlimited time fast tool and you can download songs in MP3 or videos from any service as much as you want.

Traffic: 1 900 000 / month

Our Rating: 8 / 10

It serves well for downloading the latest movies, books, as well as games. You can download for free only once every 24 hours. The eDisk.cz site is a pretty good replacement for the aforementioned Ulož.to. Other services on the site are charged with credits, the price of which is not expensive at all.

The content of Edisk is increasing month by month, and you can usually find the latest movies in it. So if you’re not looking for very specific and rare content, but are more interested in popular games and popular movies, Edisk will do the trick. If you’re thinking of buying a credit, the price is reasonable. For example, 80Gb is currently on sale for 5.90 euros.

Traffic: 400 000 / month

Our Rating: 7 / 10

Looking for a alternative for Ulož.to? If you’re mainly looking for movies and series, we can safely include the giant 123movies here. This is a free service that offers a huge database of movies. At the time of writing this review, there were more than 26,000 movies and 9,500 series listed. Streaming has multiple options and there is also the option to download movies to your mobile or PC.

The website has a user-friendly interface that makes searching and navigation easy. However, users should be aware that streaming from such sites may involve legal and security risks. Always consider using legal streaming services for a safer and more reliable experience.

Traffic: 30 000 000 / month

Our Rating: 7 / 10

uloz.to alternatives

Free Online Movies Download – Uloz.to

The sites and services listed above provide the opportunity to watch series and online movies for free, but viewing may be interrupted by, for example, advertising or time limits. If you want uninterrupted enjoyment, the services listed above charge a small fee for monthly packages, and in return you often get a database more extensive than many commercial services (streaming services in Slovakia). It is also important to think about the legality of the content, which is not always the strong point of such sites. It’s up to you which services you focus on, our aim is to bring you a comprehensive list of sites where you can download files, watch online movies for free or for a small fee.

Warning. Streaming and downloading copyrighted content is illegal in most countries. You should always check your country’s rules and regulations before using streaming and download sites, as they may share copyrighted content without permission. Our site does not condone the streaming of illegal content.

* Estimated site traffic, (source: SEMRush) updated for: July 2024


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