Review: G Cloud

Last update: 13.11.2023

Speed 81%
Features 78%
Storage 95%
Photos 89%
Price 90%

Free Storage: 10 GB

Our Rating: 8 / 10

G Cloud is a modern online storage service from UK focused mostly on mobiles. The very first thing to write is that G Cloud is not Google’s repository. In our opinion, it is a poorly chosen name as the confusion between the official Gdrive from Google which is one of the world’s most popular causes unnecessary misunderstanding. This is also why G Cloud is hard to find in searches. But G Cloud is an excellent storage that mainly provides space.


  • Price/space ratio
  • “Unlimited” space
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • 256 AES encryption
  • Mobile app
  • Device synchronization
  • SMS, contacts, call logging


  • PC environment is cluttered
  • Focused mostly on mobiles
  • Speed could be better
  • Lack of sharing for families
  • Photos have only basic features
  • Few options for customization

The advantages of G Cloud are primarily in price and space. G Cloud offers 3 packages that you can pay for either on a monthly or annual basis, in the case of annual payment, of course, the company offers an interesting discount and already cheap storage becomes even cheaper. Competing with it in terms of price is indeed a tough task. G Cloud also boasts that for as little as $5.99/month, it will give you unlimited space at your disposal. Of course, as is the case with unlimited storage, unlimited definitely has its limits somewhere, but it will certainly give you plenty of space for classic photo and data storage. G Cloud provides a quality mobile app that you can use to back up your phone contacts, text messages, call list, as well as documents, photos or music. Security is provided via the high encryption standard 256 AES.

The disadvantages of G Cloud are mainly in the speed and PC environment. During storage, but also during downloading, we did not achieve the same results as the competition, but it is still a good transfer speed that will be sufficient for normal users. The interface of the PC environment is incomprehensible, here we really need to update the coat especially if we compare it with the mobile environment of G Cloud, it is nice and clear. Not pleasing is the lack of office file editing and photos only have basic functions like sharing and rotation. Nor did we find more comprehensive sharing for users

G Cloud storage pricing and capacities

gcloud-zoolz prices

The price is excellent. G Cloud offers a high standard for just a few coins. The first package that rivals Google’s Gdrive price is for $1.99/month and will offer you 100 GB. This is a good offer, but the lack of tools compared to the competition and certainly the shortcomings we mentioned above don’t make this package that attractive. The two remaining packages are definitely worth a look where for just $3.99/month you get 1 TB (1,000 GB) and the absolutely fantastic sounding unlimited space for $5.99/month

G Cloud on mobile

G Cloud on PC

Review summary

If you’re looking for great space for your mobile and a good price, there’s no reason to hesitate. G Cloud storage won’t let you down. Unlimited storage for $6 per month is unheard of. The excellent mobile app backs up your entire phone, including contacts and texts. Photos and videos are easily stored and can be viewed on a PC in an outdated environment. Security is a strong point, but speed could be slightly better.