Top-Notch Cloud Vendors That Ruling the World in Recent Eras

The ultra-timid one of the leading cloud providers, Oracle, is capturing the market with a 45% cloud-growth rate nowadays, leaving behind Google Cloud in second position with a 28% margin. SAP and ServiceNow are following the top two companies and are jointly holding the third position with a 24% margin.  

All these top-ranked companies, alongside the other ten top Cloud Wars companies, prove that economic uncertainty is nothing, as per the current quarterly result. Many business houses prioritize cloud attachment, knowing the importance and feeling the need existentially. Moving to the cloud is crucial for reaching the business expectation goal in the cutthroat marketplace today.

Some Worldwide leading companies’ quick notes are listed below:


This one of the world-shaping companies got massive revenue with 22% growth for unbelievable performance.


The company revenue breakout has changed for Q1 without specifying quarterly overall cloud revenue. The second reason is cloud revenue for individual business segments. So, the overall performance of IBM shows its revenue growth with 10% extensions and all the commitments of the company leaders. It is obscure whether the company leaders made a decision or not to prevent the cloud-revenue from releasing details. It is because of the unexpectedly overwhelming number. The estimated quarterly revenue could be $5.5 billion, as the company says 12-month ending cloud revenue could be $22 billion till the March end. So, for this 12-month duration, cloud-revenue growth rate is estimated at 15% with constant currency. Factitious constant currency comes with four points down, as per the global result of IBM. This factor helps in the 10% above estimation for Q1.


Outstanding 54% product growth was posted following the quarterly result. Although Snowflakes gets the bottom rank in the growth rate of many experts following the past few established practice. The upper position cannot be given until quarterly revenue reaches $1 billion. The company could get the ballpark position in other Cloud Wars Top 10 companies.


14% figure misprinting? Not at all. A growth champion Marc Benioff now became a value leader. The constant quarterly growth with a 25% range is past. The 24-year of history is departed from Salesforce due to this reason. Investors of institutions and money managers were happy in the earlier days of the conversion. Now it is the time to see whether Salesforce can dazzle customers or not with the latest and more-austere attributes. Can Salesforce hold its past reputation and consistently win business back for the clients and their companies? Time will reveal the fact.


Now it is time to reach the Cerner acquisition anniversary. The 40% and over hypergrowth heady days are about to end for Oracle cloud business? Is that holding a truth for Oracle? On the other hand, the chances of explosion with 55% business growth OCI infrastructure is also at the peak with a cloud-application business boom. Spanning Fusion LOB apps, NetSuite, and industry-specific apps keep the cloud business of Oracle fast-moving than other competitors. Is that the fact? The answer is not in hand yet.



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