Best Media Clouds

Photos 95%

Google Photos is one of the most popular services in the world. Quickly share, optimize, edit and tag family member. 15 GB of free space. Effective and user-friendly.

Photos 92%

The MEGA storage has a high-quality photo app. Automatically save photos from your mobile directly to the cloud. This service is known for its high speed and security.

Photos 92%

Large space, photo editing, album creation, easy sharing, syncing and tagging of places and objects. OneDrive offers you all this, whether on your PC or mobile.

Largest Online Clouds

Storage 97%

MEGA starts at 400 GB and ends at a whopping 10,000 TB. The business solution starts at 3 TB and fully supports sharing between users. There is also free account option where MEGA offers: 20 GB.

Storage 96%

IDrive is generous storage, the very first personal package offers a whopping 5 TB with the ability to expand up to 50 TB for 50 users in a business solution. For free, IDrive will offer you: 5 GB.

Storage 95%

G Cloud is not afraid to give. The cheapest package gives you 100GB, but the second package gives you 1TB. The service boasts unlimited storage for as little as $5.99. You get 1 – 10 GB for free.

Price vs Quality

Price / Quality 96%

OneDrive provides up to 1TB of space and full MS Office for $7 a month, and for families, there’s 6TB for 6 people for $10 a month. All this in a perfect Microsoft design with premium features.

Price / Quality 94%

Starting at $1.99 per month, Google One offers 100GB of space and enhanced online tools and Google Photos services. Quality editor services and fast storage make it a bargain

Price / Quality 94%

The MEGA online storage offers a high-quality and clear interface on both mobile and PC. Excellent sharing services and high security. The first package starts from $4,99 / month and offers 400 GB.

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